Handmade Wicker Bread Tray

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Wicker Bread Tray

Handwoven in Jammu Kashmir Union Territory of India

Handwoven Wicker (Local Name- Veer Kani, Species- Salicaceae) tray having sustainable design, ecofriendly produce, naturally obtained color, durability and ease in dispensability. Classic addition to home utilities for serving and storage purposes.

Dimensions- 53.34 x 12.70 x 5.78 cm

Materials- Wicker- English and Wild

Origin- India

Time to make- 1 day

Story- Inspired by sustainability and resilience, the product is handcrafted by the local artisans of Ganderbal District in India. A cluster of skilled artisans hailing from the girth of rural communities, hand engineer the product within a time span of 1 day. The intricacies of the process disperse stringent approach to product-making and focus more on deliverance and quality.

 The utility is augmented by the usage of ecofriendly produce (Wicker), precisely crafted to supplement storage. Additional features imply ease of usage, and appealing design that alleviates experience with traditional handicraft.

About the artisan group- A strong cluster of compassionate artisans’ flourish in the supportive atmosphere of continuing their craft. Beyond simplicity, the product is handwoven by men of Ganderbal District in Jammu and Kashmir, India. The cluster strength is resonated in the craft produced by the artisans who continuously work towards skill upgradation by undertaking initiatives such as “Club-gradation” and “Design Development Workshops”. There happens to be a full-time engagement where the cluster is led by a sense of team spirit and collaborative effort.

The assimilative work is secured across a finely tuned system. A sequential estimation highlights harvesting the wicker twice, undertaking boiling methods to obtain different natural colors, cleaning, sun drying, sectioning, weaving and finishing. Intricate patterns like “Plain weave” and “Chain Weave” are used to obtain the main structure of the product. The union of creative forces has implied sustainable livelihood for the community with dynamic upskilling of involved parties. Artisans have amplified the opportunity to present diversity in their work, with future prospects of cluster addition and engagement of women artisans.

Count of Artisans- 130 artisans led under the guidance of 13 Master Artisans

Longitude, latitude of place of origin- 34.2165° N, 74.7719° E

Care- Wash with clean water when required, sun dry after washing or wipe clean with a damp cloth

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