Handmade Bamboo Fruit Basket – Small

Rs. 1,333.00 Rs. 650.00
Rs. 650.00

Food safe, Non Plastic square shape Basket for serving Breads/ Whole Fruits/ Cereal for your HEALTHY ORGANIC breakfast. The elegant stripes basket will tidy Office Table as well.It helps your family & the environment both.

This trendy and unique product is made by cutting Bamboo – the fastest growing Timber/grass and splitting the same into slivers by hand. These are dip dyed in earthen pots boiling them for hours till these completely take the LEAD FREE AZO FREE colour.

EASILY CLEANED BY WET CLOTH WIPING. VERY STURDY, well-engineered by Human hands & completely bio degradable. This is handwoven by rural women & youth of West Bengal using the indigenous locally available Bamboo (the strongest material known in Organic world) using traditional methods & this helps them sustain economically.


The craftsmen & craftswomen of Purva Medinipur in West Bengal produce these as a team for creating SELF-SUSTAINANCE via HANDICRAFTS. After multiple trainings by the parent NGO, KADAM, the products are now available for you & even exported to other countries. KADAM-HAAT has its processes & quality certified by CRAFTMARK & is a member of FAIR-TRADE FORUM of INDIA.

Handmade Bamboo Fruit Basket – Small
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