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Embracing the environmental significance of sabai grass, the range manifests a commitment to sustainable living through its utilization of an organic, rapidly decomposing material.

Despite its remarkable strength, the home and dining range maintains a lightweight profile, blending scientific structural ingenuity with practical portability.

The range is designed to support substantial loads, providing an exquisite capability of accommodating up to 80kg of weight.

Sabai grass exhibits innate antimicrobial and antifungal properties, which, when translated into the home and dining range, elevate hygiene levels.

I have all the pieces of Kadam's dining and home collection. I get so many compliments for my favourite roti box.

Rachna Reddy

One of the standout features of the sabai bag is its cost-effectiveness. In a market where sustainable products often come with premium price tags, this bag manages to provide an eco-conscious option without breaking the bank.

Manorath- CEO Okhai

The bag's design is versatile and suits various occasions. Whether you're using it for grocery shopping, carrying daily essentials, or even as an extra bag while traveling, its practicality makes it a useful addition to your accessories.


What impressed me most was the versatility of the whole range of products. It seamlessly blended into various dining themes and occasions.


Our Impact

Kadam india has helped around 600 women from West Bengal and 338 women from Odisha to support themselves from the craft of Sabai. Various clusters are involved in working to create the best Sabai products for the world.

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