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Payal Nath is the Co-Founder of KADAM, spearheading the operations of KADAM & KADAM HAAT from West Bengal, Kolkata currently. KADAM works towards creating opportunities for the semi-skilled OR skilled natural fibres handicrafts artisans via training and professionalizing them. She also is heading KADAM-HAAT which acts as a market platform for the trained artisans incase they need a window to sell their produce with a continual support of professional infrastructure & certain incentives. A Physics graduate from Delhi University, she trained & worked under an Italian designer in the footwear industry for few years and this largely shaped her work philosophy which she has taken to the grassroot level since last 17 years now. Bringing an unorganized handicrafts industry to be in somewhat professionally run organized sector by upscaling vision, skill & living conditions in the poorest communities of the natural fibre artisans has been her mission and works passionately teaching a few things and learning a few.
Was a Guest lecturer and mentor at NIFT, Kolkata, worked with DCH, New Delhi as an empanelled designer for a few years & made presentations at few national & international forums. She had been nominated for the Amazing Indian Award in 2012 also.

Wayne D’Cruze

Project Coordinator

Wayne has been working with Kadam since 2013.
Manages day to day Operations, Administration and Finances. Coordinates with the team and stakeholders for smooth functioning.

Prateek Goel

Marketing and Sales Manager

Manages Sales and Marketing, Business Development and Product Development. Trains the artisans to develop products with Quality Design and Utility for the market.

Debolina Chakraborty

Assistant Marketing and Sales

P.R. and Manages Marketing process.


Kadam Warrior

He lives in village Kushar in Midnapore .
Comes to office daily by train but in COVID times & now post CYCLONE, he is resilient as the bamboos of the region, standing up with the artisans of that region and supporting them in anything they need and together reporting on the efforts to support not just each other but others in the villages around too.
We proud of you Surojit and happy to have you as a role model in the area of Kolaghat

Bijay Mondal

Kadam Warrior

Incharge of Packaging and Packaging Procurement. Trains the artisans in executing production orders, quality checks and packaging solution.

Sukanta Das

Production Manager

Manages Production, Quality check. and Logistics. Trains the artisans in Capacity building and production process for scaling up Bulk Production.

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