Handmade Sabai Grass Bread Basket
Handmade Sabai Grass Bread Basket
Rs. 1,083.00 from Rs. 650.00

Golden Grass Folding Bag

Rs. 1,083.00 Rs. 650.00
Rs. 650.00
Our Utility Folding bag's base is made out of Golden Grass and it takes about a day with at least two artisans to cover the entire procedure. The dry grass is cut roughly, suitable grasses are picked from the lot followed by soaking and weaving in a special pattern by hand. On completion of the base, it is sent to the nearby cluster where the golden grass base is made. The khadi bag is then intercepted with the base by stitching & the completed bag is sent to our warehouse. The jigs / SOPs are distributed amongst everyone involved in the 3-year cluster training provided by Kadam. The process is 100% eco-friendly and the number of steps involved demonstrates the dedication of our artisans.

1. The special feature of this folding bag is that it looks like a wallet when the zip is closed and when you open the zip, it takes the shape of a shopping bag.
2. Dimension: Bag with fold -
Length: 6 inches
Height: 1 inches
Width: 4 inches
& Open Bag: Top Length: 14 inches
Bottom Length: 12 inches
Height without handle: 12 inches
Height with Handle: 22 inches
Width: 4 inches 
3. Very lightweight, easy to carry
4. The shopping Bag can carry up to 4 - 5 kg weight.

Golden Grass Folding Bag
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